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On the advancement trail, a Cub Scout progresses towards a badge of rank based on their grade. They need not have earned the previous rank in order to earn the next. Each of the ranks in Cub Scouting has its own requirements that are age appropriate, so earning a rank below a Cub Scout’s current grade is not permitted. As a Cub Scout advances through the ranks, the requirements get more challenging, to match the new skills and abilities they have learned.

First graders, and anyone beyond that grade who is new to Cub Scouting, completes the Bobcat Badge prior to working on their grade-specific badge of rank. Kindergartners, who are Lions, do not work on the Bobcat Badge. Upon completion of Bobcat, your Scout will receive recognition and a badge in a special ceremony which will include you as their partner. He will then be able to advance along his rank’s trail.

Each Den program is designed for active scouts to complete their rank during the program year. Parental involvement is relied upon for the successful accomplishment of advancement requirements. Scouts are welcome to work on additional elective adventures and awards.